Dt: 01-01-2015
" There is no failure in
the life. 'Not trying' is
indeed the biggest failure. "
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Parimal Nathwani: Ek Kavya-Katha
In The Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
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Dt: 28-07-2014
State governments have right to enact
law for the protection of cow progeny

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Dt: 26-07-2014
Agricultural production increased
by average six million tonnes
per annum in last decade

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Dt: 20-07-2014
No Death of Lions on Rail Track
in 2011 & 2013 04 Deaths this Year
till June 2014

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From the Desk

Relationship is my utmost strength. I happen to meet large number of people in the course of my business meetings and political interactions. I draw upon from the goodness of the people and try to build up lifelong relationship.

Dhirubhai Ambani, whom I considered as my role model, taught me the traits of determination, decision-making, hard-work and self-confidence. I had failed in my business earlier. He taught me to learn from mistakes in life.

I mince no words when I say what I could achieve was due to support and confidence of everyone repose in me.
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