Save our fishermen

Scores of fishermen have been arrested on foreign waters. Even travelers aren’t spared sometimes. Some of them have been even sentenced to death with false charges slapped on them. If these atrocities against innocent fishermen stop it will prevent straining the diplomatic equation and save countless families that perish once the sole breadwinner is convicted for a crime unknown in foreign shores. I have consistently corresponded with the Government of India and Pakistan for felicitating the release of fishermen from these countries; arrested on alien waters. I am delighted that my persuasion has not been a futile exercise. On November 28, 2014, 40 Indian prisoners were released from a Pakistan Jail-36 were from Gujarat. It happened a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif exchanged pleasantries at the SAARC Summit in Nepal. I continue to voice my concern for these poor fishermen. Join me in my endeavor in restoring a mother her son, a wife her husband and children their father.

Efforts made till date



Can Asiatic Lion be our new national animal?

Once the National Emblem of Iran; Asiatic Lion are nearing extinction in India. Even if we are successful (which remains doubtful) poaching; epidemics and other causes have claimed their lives. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that if we can adopt the Asiatic (Gir) Lion as our National Animal, we would be able to ward off the threat of extinction faced by these rare species of large cats. I have been a staunch advocate of the cause because; I believe that protecting Gir Lion is a divine act since Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita states that- Mruganam cha Mrugendorham meaning I am the lion among the animals of the forest. Nevertheless, I am not advocating their safety for mythological reasons. Like us, even they deserve to live. We cannot afford to disturb the ecological balance further. Can we? The cause needs us to unite and work tirelessly towards the conservation of Gir lions.

Efforts made till date

The plight of Islam Nagar

The onslaught of industrialization has a byproduct-Tribal displacement. Jharkhand, densely populated by tribal has undergone transformation in titanic proportions due to industries mushrooming in this decade old state.
Islamnagar; in Ranchi was declared an encroachment in 2011-a slum, which I was determined to turn into a garbage free zone. Nevertheless, the slum was bulldozed rendering 444 families homeless.
A legal battle ensued. Advocate Dushyant Dave, a friend joined the crusade and our efforts paid dividends. High Court has passed an order for the allocation of houses to 336 families. Our endeavors will not end until we can provide roofs for 444 families, who lost their houses.
I hope that my countrymen will take up the cudgels against the wrong doing and ensure that their fellowmen get a roof over them-once again.



Say no to cow slaughter

In a country, where Cow is considered sacred-we have 2,294 slaughter houses are operational-unfortunate nevertheless, true. Rajasthan leads the pack with 514 slaughter houses; while Maharastra with 336 comes a close second with Uttar Pradesh filling in for the third (254) and Gujarat has 38 slaughter chambers.
Animal trafficking at Indo-Bangladesh border, which requires attention of the authorities in the power corridors. As per the latest available information; 5,504 cows have been trafficked.
As per the Article 246 (3) of the Constitution, the State Assemblies have the right to enact law for the protection of cow progeny.
I have voiced my concern and will spare no trouble to ensure that cow slaughter stops in India-forever.
It would be heartening to see Indian youth joining the crusade against cow slaughter. We shouldn’t forget that in India cows are considered sacred and addressed as go-mata.

The Girl child and the dawn of education

You teach a woman you teach a generation. I have always believed in the cause and have adopted a girl child Ashfi; a step towards women empowerment.
Adversity reveals genius. It was a Republic Day celebration in a Children Park at Islamnagar. Ashfi; a girl from humble origin; a child prodigy astonished me with her oratory skills. I decided to extend her financial aid for academic pursuits.
Illiteracy has been the bane of developing nations and India is no exception. I have spared no trouble to enhance the living scenario at Islamnagar in Ranchi (my constituency). The school and the Children Park; where I had been a witness to Ashfi’s excellence in oratory have been renovated. I am doing my bit in building up a nation riding on the back of literacy. Are you willing to join me in this endeavor?



Reviving a legacy called Sanskrit

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world. The language, which was once the pride of our ancestors, is sadly undergoing a constant decline. The verbal use of the language is mostly limited to religious purposes, except a few villages in India where the language is still used for communication to some extent. While many can read the language, not all are able to understand it.

As Indians, it is our cultural duty to preserve the Sanskrit language. Shri Bruhad Gujarat Sanskrit Parishad is an association which is dedicated to popularizing the language within Gujarat. As the Chancellor of the organization, I encourage everyone to explore the treasure that Sanskrit is. The picture shows Vice President of the organization, Shri Suresh N Shelat honouring me as the Chancellor.