AMRUT Jharkhand 05-04-2018
AMRUT Gujarat 05-04-2018
Gujarat Maritime Board takes initiatives for Green Ports
OSC for Women Gujarat 08-03-2018
OSC for Women Jharkhand 08-03-2018
Pulses Production Increased Gujarat
Pulses Production Increased Jharkhand
Tiger Gujarat March-13-2018
Tiger Jharkhand March-13-2018
Tourism circuits
PMAY Gujarat
PMAY Jharkhand
Gujarat Declared Open Defecation Free
Elephant 05-02-2018
ODF Jharkhand
Agriculture Insurance Gujarat August-11-2017
Crop Insurance Jharkhand
Infrastructure Projects Jharkhand 29-07-2017
Infrastructure Projects 29-07-2017
632 Q&A Harmu river Life-line of Ranchi 18-07-2014
1170 Q&A Unmanned railway crossing in Jharkhand 21-07-2014
Housing Gujarat March-30-2017
Housing Jharkhand March-30-2017
PMEGP Gujarat March-22-2017
Midday Meal Gujarat February-3-2017
Midday Meal Jharkhand February-3-2017
KVKs Gujarat November-26-2016
KVKs Jharkhand November-26-2016
Vacancies in Judiciary and peding case Gujarat November-25-2016
Vacancies in Judiciary and peding case Jharkhand November-25-2016
Airport at Deoghar Jharkhand November-22-2016
Paddy procurement Jharkhand
Central Water Commission Compiled Jharkhand November-28-2016
Central Water Commission Gujarat
Central Water Commission Compiled Gujarat November-28-2016
Three Coastal Economic Zones Identified In Gujarat November-28-2016
MSDP Jharkhand
Coal Washeries Jharkhand
Central Sector Interest Subsidy Scheme Gujarat
Central Sector Interest Subsidy Scheme Jharkhand
Railway nonconventional energy Jharkhand
Railway nonconventional energy Gujarat
Railway Renewable Energy
Road and Bridge construciton proposals 19-7-2016
Lack of Infrastructure in Schools Gujarat
Lack of Infrastructure in Schools Jharkhand
Railway Projects Gujarat
Railway Projects Jharkhand
Mines Jharkhand May-4-2016
Endangered species Jharkhand May-9-2016
Endangered species Gujarat May-9-2016
landless Agri workers Jharkhand May-11-2016
landless Agri workers Gujarat May-11-2016
Rs.37000 crore investment in steel sector Jharkhand March-10-2016
Malaria cases decline Jharkhand March-15-2016
Malaria cases decline Gujarat March-15-2016
Deaths due to Contaminated water Jharkhand March-8-2016
Deaths due to Contaminated water Gujarat March-8-2016
Taalima Kanku Veray
IAY Jharkhand August-11-2015
1587 Q&A Dipletion of Ground Water in Jharkhand 03-08-2015
AAY Jharkhand August-7-2015
5949 Villages of Jharkhand Yet to be Covered with Mobile Services 24-07-2015
Skill Gap Assessment in Jharkhand 23-07-2015
Crops Damaged Due To Hailstorm 24-04-2015
Hostels for ST Students Gujarat 14-05-2015
In four years Rs 429.96 Cr allocated for hostels for ST Students Jharkhand 14-05-2015
Schemes for SC students Jharkhand May-01-2015
Schemes for SC students Gujarat May-01-2015
Electricity_Jharkhand May-10-2015
Fishermen May-07-2015
FM Radio stations Jharkhand May-05-2015
FM Radio stations Gujarat May-05-2015
2222 Q&A 15 All India Radio Stations in Gujarat 18-03-2015
2222 Q&A 13 All India Radio Stations in Jharkhand 18-03-2015
947 houses under BSUP in Jharkhand
Gujarat 1660 Q&A Gujarat built 1 Lakh houses under BSUP 13-03-2015
Foodgrain 02-03-2015
Health Card 11-3-2015
1533 Q&A Health Insurance Cards Issued in Gujarat and Jharkhand 12-03-2015
Social welfare
Parimal Nathwani Raises Issues of Railways for Gujarat and Jharkhand 17-03-2015
2478 Q&A 44534 jobs created in gujarat 20-03-2015
2478 Q&A 31644 jobs created in Jharkhand 20-03-2015
1196 Q&A 5028 Non-Working Mines in the Country 04-12-2014
Environment clerance pendancy
NRDWP in Jharkhand December-8-2014
2010 Q&A Rs 2903 Crore Sanctioned for Development 11-12-2014
tourism infra Gujarat
Tourism Infra Ranchi
2861 & 2862 Q&A Rs 34.39 crore for Lion Rs 488.58 crore for Project Tiger in 3 years 19-12-2014
1251 Q&A Steps taken for early clearance of pending projects 04-12-2014
Dholera International Airport granted
2631 Km National Highways Pass through Jharkhand
Rajya Sabha question on airport
Jamshedpur International Airport granted
2295 Q&A Steps taken to attract foreign tourists Don’t Approved 31-07-2014
1849 Q&A Agricultural Universities or Institutes 26-07-2014
1834 Q&A Slaughtering and Smauggling of Cows 28-07-2014
1537 Q&A Restriction on Cultivation of Tabacco 24-07-2014
3437 Q&A Education 14-08-2014
2452 & 2479 Q&A 04-08-2014_ Agriculture Under Threat Don’t Approval
1171 Q&A Railway Lion 20-07-2014
1170 Q&A Unmanned railway crossing in Gujarat 21-07-2014